Drambo iOS Music app

Some Notes

Loading Drambo .drmodule files from the patchstorage site into Drambo using iCloud and a Mac Mini. (And an iPad.) Alternative method.

Drambo version: 1.40

iPad Air 6th generation (2018, I think). iOS version: 14.42.

Mac Mini (Late 2014): Catalina. Version 10.15.7


AFAIK there are two types of Drambo files: project and module files. Attempting to Open a .drmodule file via Drambo’s Open project will not open the module file. The screenshot below shows Drambo’s Open Project.

Project Open

Project Open

Here’s what to do!

This example uses Chord-repeat2.drmodule shown as Chord Repeat in Patchstorage site.

First create a Module folder in the Drambo Folder on your iCloud Drive. This will hold your .drmodule files.

Download the Chord-repeat2.drmodule file to iCloud Drive or to the Drambo Module folder. Move or copy the Chord-repeat2.dr file to the Drambo Module folder if not already done so.


Chord Repeat screenshot – from Patchstorage site:

Chord Repeat on Drambo Patchstorage site

Video Notes: long-press over Chord-repeat2.drmodule file name to see the drop-down menu options. Tap Download if this appears in the menu options. Then…

Tap the Share icon, select Drambo. The Import Instrument rack preset automatically appears. Tap Instruments and then tap Save (top right).

Import Drambo .drmodule files


I bought Drambo just a few days ago so I’m no expert. All the above could be not only inaccurate but unhelpful.

I’ll post this article on the Drambo forum. Let’s see what they say.

Comment from rs200 on the Drambo forum states download with Safari. Definitely a simpler method. So I’ve altered my article title to say that this is an alternative method.


I do believe the above procedure could be done without a Mac